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Free shipping on all domestic orders with coupon code “Primrose2023”




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Welcome to Primrose!

My objective as a sculptor is to bring order out of chaos, to literally take matter which is unorganized and give it form and meaning.
Socially, my objective is to change the hearts, minds and souls of other fellow humans who have thus far failed to comprehend the possibility of themselves being able to create such things. Many folks mistakingly regard drawing, painting and sculpture as the result of some divine gift, or random act of nature. However, what is commonly called TALENT actually portends the highest level of intense curiosity about everything, a thorough understanding of materials and their limitations, a sincere devotion to craftsmanship and an analytic mind capable of successfully synthesizing a meaningtul result – every time. Like any other profession, such skills demand being studied and learned.
Having clay in my hands makes me happy… when I’m sculpting I’m one with nature, femininity and myself

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